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Allen F. McNair (b. 1951) joined Project Onward in December 2018. A self-taught artist and poet, Allen is “inspired daily by the wonders of life around me, my present and past experiences, and both the inner and outer beauty of all women.”


Allen received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Columbia College in 1990.


Allen’s proudest achievement is the 2015 self-publication of his science fiction paperback, “I Dream of A’maresh.” The 142-page epic poem is an exploration of the various faces of good and evil. The protagonist is “a visitor to our world from the furthest shore of a celestial sea” who is forced to make a life-altering decision.


Allen’s vibrant ink and marker drawings feature otherworldly, narrative scenes with figures and geometric shapes. He describes them as representations of the stories that come to him in his dreams. “I have mainly created illustrations that depict a future planet earth and other worlds more heavenly. These illustrations reveal a world of dreams and mental communication between the characters and our future.”

Artist Allen McNair
Allen McNair art
Allen McNair art

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