“My work is an expression of my everyday life as a Chicagoan. I work hard as an artist like the Pullman Porter worked hard on the trains. My work is meant to be versatile so I can relate to a universal audience.” (Hall A.)


Andrew Hall (b. 1986) has been inspired by urban architecture and transit from an early age, and began drawing at the age of thirteen. Fascinated with the Metra Station and Green Line stop close to this home, he wanted to capture the power of the trains and the local architecture of his West Side neighborhood.


His development in studying architectural forms through careful observation and long hours of intensive drawing reflects his dedication to his craft and his personally driven nature. Though most of his mixed media works are smaller that 8 x 10”, they often take Hall more than a month to complete. He has evolved an equally intensive portraiture style, his subjects stare with arresting gaze at the viewer through carefully chiseled jawlines and colors so well blended it’s hard to believe they are created with colored pencil. His work exemplifies how an artist can build up an image entirely of minute components to describe a particular place or mood.


Hall spends much of his free time touring the city via the Metra train system, and drawing at cafes with fellow artists. He joined Project Onward in 2004 and lives in Englewood.

Pullman Porter
AH_Richard Knisely Store _ Flats
Neuschwanstein Castle

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