Bobby Tirelli

Bobby Tirelli (b. 1958) grew up the small southwestern Italian neighborhood, Heart of Chicago, with his parents and younger brother. At age ten, Tirelli began going to Esperanza Community Services, and started working in their arts program. Always interested in art as a child, Tirelli grew as an artist at Esperanza and became a mentor to other members, being referred to as “Uncle Bobby” by younger artists. A great lover of science, sci-fi stories (especially Dr. Who), Tirelli began creating calculations of either metaphoric or actual power after getting interested in a geometry book and obtaining a calculator. He has since been incorporating them into his drawings.


Tirelli believes these formulas will aid him in “trying to save time and space from closing up around us.’ We are ‘to use love and nature to keep the universe in balance… Science gives me the gift of love, energy and mystic powers.” Tirelli continues to attend Esperanza Community Services and their arts program, and is their oldest member. In addition, he joined Project Onward 2013 and lives in Burbank.

Bobby Tirelli Math People
Bobby Tirelli Circles
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