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Dot painting of soda burger and fries
Chew on this

‘Tis the season to be well fed! With the holidays upon us and festivities happening again, we’ve got celebrations and feasts on the brain. Food is how we fuel our bodies, but it’s also a way for us to connect with others. Our artists in particular have a lot of personal feelings about eating, as food sensitivities, fixations, aversions, and textural issues are big in our neurodiverse community. 


We hope you’re hungry for this collection of works, which celebrates mealtime and food in its many delicious forms.

Art from the show is available for purchase! Shop below:

"Kitty Cone" by Ruby Bradford
"Vegetable Heads" by Ricky Willis
"Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza" by Molly McGrath
"Pears" by Hailee Tyner
"Cat Eating Lunch at Picnic" by Ruby Bradford
"Iconic Chicago Foods" by Adam Hines
"On the Beach" by C. M. Butterfly
"Watermelon" by Franklin Armstrong
"King Midus" by Coral Kappel
"Side of Fries" by Sheila Smith
"Pizza Rat" by Jack Moore
"Fruit Heads" by Ricky Willis
"Delicious Dinner" by Michael Hopkins
"Wheaties" by Sereno Wilson
"Cherries and Peaches" by Hailee Tyner
"Dream Date" by Jack Moore
"Ruby Cat Having Dinner" by Ruby Bradford
"Thanksgiving Dinner" by Michael Hopkins
"Noodle Girls" by David A. Holt
"Lemons" by Hailee Tyner
"The Head of John the Baptist" by C. M. Butterfly
"Pat-a-cake" by Matthew Bianchi
"Holiday Ham" by Michael Hopkins
"Everything Tastes Better with Ketchup" by Louis DeMarco
"Pussy Cat Parfait" by Ruby Bradford
"They're grrreat!" by Sereno Wilson
"Breakfast Foods" by Adam Hines
"Macarons" by Dana Baker
"Yogurt Fruit Bowls" by Jacqueline Oliva Cousins
"Who's Having More Fun (Cats Eating Corn)" by Ruby Bradford
"Mouse Burger" by Jack Moore
"Dinner Date" by Michael Smith
"Aces" by Luke Shemroske
"Tiger Chicken" by Bill Douglas
"Colorful Fruit" by Dijon Barrett
"Crazy for Alfredo" by Coral Kappel
"Food Pyramid" by Matthew Bianchi
"Illusions of Past Successful Weddings in Chicago" by Motesem Mansur
"Movie Snacks" by Stephon Doby
"Latte Art" by Dana Baker
"On Top of Spaghetti" by Janno Juguilon
"Famous Chefs" by Adam Hines
"Cat Eating Hamburger" by Ruby Bradford
"Bananas" by Luke Shemroske
"Little Jack Horner" by Matthew Bianchi
"Fruit" by Janno Juguilon
"Gingerbread Land" by Jason Harris
"Dessert Options" by Dana Baker
"Hot Dog!" by Janno Juguilon
"Cheeseburger Water Tower" by Ricky Willis
"Family Time" by Alfred Banks
"Hungry Dog" by Alfred Banks
"Melon Dog" by Alfred Banks
Hungry Hampster
"Hungry Monkey" by Alfred Banks
"Brownie Chick" by Alfred Banks
"Strawberry Feast" by Alfred Banks

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