David Blaisdell

“I endeavor in all my art to capture real figures in abstract shapes. I hope to achieve this like it has never been done before. Imitating other artists is plagiarism to me. Where individuality governs my brush I make something original out of my visions and dreams.”

David Blaisdell was born in 1949 in Quincy, Massachusetts and moved to Chicago with his parents and siblings in 1969. He resides in Skokie, Illinois. In addition to his talents as a visual artist, Blaisdell is also a prolific poet, playwright, and a novelist. After receiving his MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Massachusetts in 1984, David taught English at Southwest Missouri State University.

Working in craypas, oil sticks and color pencil, David creates paintings and drawings, from his imagination and his extensive reading repertoire, that represent his dreams and life philosophy. His drawings range from reverent portraits of beautiful women and Russian writer Boris Pasternak, to partially abstract compositions dense with hidden meaning.


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