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Franklin Armstrong

Known by many around the studio as “our news man,” Franklin Armstrong (b. 1954) has his finger on the pulse of the city and nation. He rarely misses a broadcast and he regularly begins a studio session by informing everyone who will listen of what he has learned via the daily news.


Franklin’s thirst for knowledge does not stop with current events. He has a deep interest in wildlife, natural phenomenon (e.g., volcanoes), and the military. If you hear him say, “Excuse me,” you have been invited to sit down and talk with him about one of his passions. This may be music, the Western or Civil War Eras, or his current piece. Regardless of topic, you are sure to walk away from the conversation having learned something new; warmed by his welcoming and gentle manner.


Though the subject matter of Franklin’s works on paper has varied greatly over the years, his rendering technique makes a distinct impression. Working from reference material, Franklin uses graphite and colored pencil to create highly detailed responses to the world around him. He works in bold outlines and short strokes of overlapping color. The subtle harmony of his palette, coupled with his methodical application, give his subjects a richly textured quality.

Franklin Armstrong - Volcano
Franklin Armstrong - Squid
Franklin Armstrong - Muscle Builder

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