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Hailee Tyner (b. 1996) is an Illinois native, born in Naperville and currently living in Oswego. She began seriously creating art on a regular basis only recently, in January of 2021, inspired by her older sister, who is also an artist. Although she began her practice with watercolor, she works largely with acrylic paint and some gouache.


Hailee describes each of her paintings as trying to speak to an emotion. She notes that as someone who deals with a “flat effect” she is intrigued by expressive faces and grand displays of passion. She initially chose unnatural palettes for her paintings to make up for her relative inexperience with creating realistic skin-tones but has taken up the use of complimentary colors as a part of her signature style. Hailee’s use of color and texture serve to create a sense of depth in her artwork.


Hailee joined Project Onward in November of 2021 and wants to work on developing her painting skills even more, along with the community of artists in the studio. She describes her artwork as being a true source of confidence, pride, and growing joy.


When she isn’t painting at Project Onward, Hailee loves roller skating, training her dog, Chimichanga, and people watching.


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