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I Love You Bill

   The work of Bill Douglas is a twisting journey of self-exploration. Vividly-recalled dreams and the highs of spiritual unity are mixed up with loss, addiction, anxiety, and death. The whole constellation is held together by a lovably cynical sense of humor.

  Formally, his practice has roots in traditional folk and craft techniques. He collects and fuses found materials into spiritual objects- animal remains, thrift-store tchotchkes, remnants pilfered from the garbage - all are worthwhile components. He’s also fascinated by pattern, building rhythms of shape and color.

  This retrospective features works from a wide variety of series and phases of Douglas’s career. In particular, we present work from before and after the artist’s 2018 stroke. Douglas lost the use of his dominant hand, but taught himself to draw with the left. It’s all a testament to the force of will & imagination within this gentle-natured man.

Art from the show is available for purchase and will be ready for pick-up or shipping after the close of the exhibition on May 6.

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