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Project onward's
STaff & Board

Project Onward is proud to be supported by our amazing staff and Executive Board. Executive Board members are responsible for ensuring effective and fiscally sound programs and they provide leadership, advice, and direction to our staff and artists. 


Nancy Gomez, Executive Director


Robyn Jablonski, Creative Director


Michelle Curtin, Studio Manager

Debbie Strama, Bookkeeper

T Chang, Studio Facilitator

Nick Merlock Jackson, Studio Facilitator


Emmett Hein, Studio Facilitator

Troi Roberson, Web, Social Media, and Communications

Executive Board

Robert Darnall, President

Kimberly Jacobs, Vice President

Marsha Woodhouse, Treasurer

Wanda Lenoir, Secretary

Chris Cantele

Jack Connelly

Virginia Dan

Velda Davino

Cindy DeMarco

Tracy Frein

Roark Frankel

Jan Getz

Katherine Getz

Danielle Kees

Carlos E. Maxwell

Maureen McCabe

Bonnie McGrath 

Christopher Newman

Sally Schwartz
Randy M. Vick

Richard Standfier

If you are interested in joining our executive board, please contact us at We appreciate your interest in supporting our artists.

Equal Opportunity (EEO Statement)

Project Onward is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Company and affords all employees or artists equal opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national orgin, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, physical or mental disability or veteran status in all actions.

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