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Project Onward presents a unique collaborative group exhibition, designed to share creative processes and dialogue between Project Onward artists and professional artists in the community. We invited professional artists to pair with our artists, and spend quality time in our studio learning about each other’s artistic practice and vision. Each artist created a work of art in response to this meeting and exchange of ideas, producing new and exciting outcomes! 


Featured Artists:  

George Zuniga / Zack WIrsum

Sheila Smith / Claire Ashley 

Fernando Ramirez / Jens Brasch 

Ken Bortman / Sally Havlis  

Franklin Armstrong / Elaine Pawlowicz 

Molly McGrath / Elaine Pawlowicz 

William Douglas / Whitney Oliver 

Ricky WIllis / Elise Parisian  

Matt Bianchi / Tracy Frein  

David Hence / Keri Margulis Bobby 

Tirelli / Christopher Newman 

Cherylle Booker / Robyn Jablonski 

Louis DeMarco / Rob Lentz

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Project Onward currently supports 50 artists, each with unique creative styles and facing diverse challenges, from autism to mental illness.

Our online shop is open 24/7, and half of the sale for each original piece goes directly to the artist.

Project Onward is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to promote art as a powerful tool for understanding and valuing the real and potential contributions of our national population with disabilities.

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