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Michael Hopkins

Michael Hopkins (1956 - 2021, Chicago, IL) remembered always having a knack for drawing, but it wasn’t until later in life that he took up art making in earnest.


A self-taught artist, Michael created breezy, colorful portraits of jazz, rock-and-roll, and blues musicians, soul singers and pop icons, and all manner of faces that spoke to his wide-ranging interests.


Michael’s watercolor paintings are popular with visitors to the Project Onward studio, where a collection of his small vibrant portraits looms on the wall over his work table and forms a virtual tour of the history of American music.


Towards the end of his life, Michael was working on larger paper, and he often mounted his portraits on cardboard cutouts for a dramatic and lifelike effect. Michael Hopkins was in the three-person exhibition Old School at Project Onward’s Spotlight Gallery.

MH_Owl Series
MH_L.Milton_ Dobet_ Bo_2
Louis Armstrong Cut

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