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Dana Baker (b. 1992) is an artist of joy, magic, and sweetness. Using a color palette of deep blues and vivid pinks, Baker gives life to a host of characters. She draws graceful fairies and teenage girls, surrounded in stars, curlicues, and butterflies. They beam at the viewer with big dewy eyes and radiate positivity. “I can’t even draw when I’m sad or pissed-off,” Baker says.


Baker grew up in the Chicago suburb of Evergreen Park, the oldest of three siblings. Her artistic inspirations came from the beloved cartoon characters of her childhood (“Sailor Moon” and “The Powerpuff Girls” in particular) and from her father, a talented portrait painter.


She primarily uses Prismacolor markers & colored pencils, but is adding painting techniques to her repertoire as well. She’s currently deepening the backstories and creative universes of her invented characters. Baker has been a member of Project Onward since 2014.

Artist Dana Baker
Dana Baker art
Dana Baker art
Dana Baker - Macaroons

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