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Franklin Armstrong
Dana Baker
Alfred Banks Jr.
Elizabeth Barren
Dijon Barrett
Julius Bautista
John Behnke
Matthew Bianchi
David Blaisdell
Cherylle Booker
Ken Bortman
Ruby Bradford
Michael Bryant
Joseph Cobbs
Jackie Cousins
Kareem Davis
Tony Davis
Louis DeMarco
Stephon Doby
William Douglas
Jill Gramer
Andrew Hall
James Hall
Safiya Hameed
Jason Harris
David Hence
Adam Hines
David A. Holt
Michael Hopkins
Brandon Jackson
Janno Juguilon
R.J. Juguilon
Coral Kappel
Shandrewick Key
Paul Kowalewski
Blake Lenoir
Keturah Lynn
Molly McGrath
Allen McNair
Jack Moore
Fernando Ramirez
Luke Shemroske
Michael Smith
Sheila Smith
Ryan Tepich
Bobby Terelli
Ricky Willis
Sereno Wilson
Lucy Woodhouse
George Zuniga
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Project Onward is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to promote art as a powerful tool for understanding and valuing the real and potential contributions of our national population with disabilities.

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