The Colored Pencil Show

Previous Exhibitions

Imagined Spaces

Garden Party


Ken Bortman Here

Painting in glitter of two anthropomorphic dogs wearing trench coats in front of blue cloudy sky

Best in Show 

Marker drawing of high school cheerleaders. The 3 on the right are holding a blue GO POSSUMS sign


Drawing of people of multiple races gathered at a black lives matter rally, 3 have raised fists

Cause and Affect

3 rows of drawings. Top row is palm trees, middle is red flowers, bottom is purple butterflies

Repeat Repeat Repeat

Abstract drawing of white owl with outstretched wings standing on a tree branch staring at viewer

Wild and Beautiful

Abstract drawing hundreds of packed details, including suggested faces and some writing

Outsider Connections

Black lines and swirls branching out from single point just right of center, with yellow background

Ink Explorations

Drawing of large white brick palace with manicured garden grounds in front

The Brothers Juguilon: Palaces Around the World

Painted anthropomorphic pig wearing a shirt and tie walking to the right on black background



I Paint My Dream

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