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Keturah Lynn (b. 1983) is a dedicated artist, old soul, and detailed craftswoman in mixed media, sharing her portraits and her rich interior life with honesty.


“I started drawing because I didn’t know how to say what I thought. I was
only three years old and the blue ink pen was the only thing I could find
after a traumatic event. In high school my drawings were about survival. There were things I couldn’t talk about so I recorded them symbolically in
a sketchbook. I usually used ink pen until I felt relief.  Drawing makes me feel in the moment, soothed. It builds my confidence.


I have a spiritual self-portrait of a Deer-woman, which in Native
American cultures is the spiritual animal. A symbol for teacher, protector
of the family, and nurturer. It is a reflection of me as a spiritual being.”


Keturah Lynn
Keturah Lynn art
Keturah Lynn art
Keturah Lynn art

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