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NoonSlaps (b. 1994) makes abstract paintings that incorporate blob-like forms, winding linework, and vivid complementary colors. A self-taught artist, they layer watercolors, acrylics, gouache, alcohol markers, and gel pens in wild combinations. Their unconventional painting tools include toothbrushes and a trusty fork they've held onto for years. “I make my own art rules and I break those too,” they laugh.

One prominent area Noon draws inspiration from is the world of biology. “Even back in school I was mesmerized by microscopic photography of cells, especially the mitochondria.” They gravitate to these shapes and patterns - at the same time they carry tension. “I have schizophrenia - and my delusions are somatic. That is, I start to feel something happening in my blood, or on my skin. I’m very fearful of germs and bacteria.” The paintings dance between this personal anxiety and a celebration of beautiful forms.

Noon has been a member of Project Onward since 2022. They are actively experimenting further with mixing media as well as working larger – with a dream of allowing their blobs to expand into immersive murals. Since 2017, Noon has been showcasing at galleries and festivals in Chicago as well as providing live painting demonstrations. Noon hopes to help others use drawing in a therapeutic capacity. After a 2017 surgery left their hand in a cast, the artist was amazed by the fact that they could still draw. By pushing a pen through the cast, loosely gripping it between their thumb and forefinger, and moving their whole hand, they were delighted in creating loose, undulating blobs. “I spent so much time drawing then - and it helped me so much.”

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