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Dijon Barrett

Pencil Drawing

A lifelong Chicagoan, Dijon Barrett (b. 1993) joined the studio in July 2017 and, in his own words, believes he has found a home. “I love being here. I’m part of the team. I feel like I’m part of a family.”


He uses his mother’s words as daily inspiration. “Gotta find yourself a way for your life to turn around. Don’t give up on your hopes.”


Dijon hopes to share his imagination with the world. In 2004, he created a fictitious band named The England Boys. The band’s debut album was entitled “Rock of Ages.”


Dijon works with colored pencil to create drawings that are full of vivid color and confident line. His creativity allows him to interpret a reference image with a number of additional elements and alternate hues. His pieces are highly detailed and extremely bold in color. Figures and form within each piece have a solid outline, but are softly shaded and blended into smooth gradients. This creates a warmth and softness to his work that quickly engages the viewer.


Dijon has an infectious laugh, is quick to smile, and welcomes guests to view and discuss his work when they visit the studio. Dijon’s humility and heart, coupled with his wonderful talent, make him a valuable member Project Onward.

Dijon Barrett
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