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Janno Juguilon

Janno Juguilon


I want to bring the magic to real life. Viewers who look at the sculpture will feel like they are part of that world as well.”

Janno Juguilon (1993) constructs meticulous sculptures of paper and cardboard that are at once painstakingly precise and delightfully fantastical.

The artist primarily focuses on the opulent palaces and grandiose castles found in Disney films and the Harry Potter universe, filtering these heroic dream structures through his unique prism of devotion and awe. The result: reverential sculptural works that utterly transcend their iconic source material.

The artist imbues his fairy tale structures with such affectionate detail that they often appear keenly habitable. Indeed, some of Juguilon’s sculptures even house a small cut-out photograph of the artist; a close examination of Juguilon’s interpretation of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will reveal a tiny image of the artist, adorned in robes and accompanied by Harry and his wizarding friends.

Hailing from Chicago’s Northwest side, Janno joined Project Onward in 2014, shortly after his brother, RJ.

At home, Juguilon is an avid illustrator and enjoys experimenting with the digital manipulation of movie screenshots.

Janno Juguilon
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