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Julius Bautista

Julius Bautista


Julius DC Bautista (b. 1987) was born in Manila, Philippines. His family came to the United States when he was only one. From that time on, his household was dual language. This sparked a tremendous interest in both the structure of language and personal identity.


Upon graduation from Glenbard North High School, Julius enlisted in the United States Marine Corps (USMC).


He has a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Illinois at Chicago. In 2012 he became a member of the Fulton Street Collective. Julius joined Project Onward in 2014.


Regarding his process, Julius notes, “Every decisive action is a conflict between calculation and impulse, where even a simple conversation can be excruciatingly complex, with an infinite number of possible outcomes.”


Inspired by mixed media films of the 90’s, such as Cool World and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Julius produces a signature anesthetic informed as much by dreams as it is by reality. Infusing traditional styles of realism with contemporary elements of pop culture and urban art, he crafts an eclectic style designed to stimulate the imagination.

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