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Paul Kowalewski

Paul Kowalewski


Paul Kowalewski (b. 1957) was born and raised in Chicago. After going through many dark, intensely personal struggles for several years, he found a new outlet on paper and canvas. He was suddenly able to reimagine himself and the world. Having no formal training and with no instruction, Paul began to create images, and he transformed himself into what he was perhaps always meant to be: an artist.


Paul joined Project Onward in 2017.


He works in various mediums including graphite, oil paint, and colored pencil. Abstract representation if the human face and figure make up his signature compositions. His work is inspired by Surrealism and Cubism, but he has developed his own distinct style. Intense color, bold patterns, and eye catching geometric forms are arranged impulsively without a conscious structuring of his compositions. He has developed a aesthetic all his own which he describes as “Unusual, out of the ordinary, or thoroughly strange.”


“To seize the observer’s line of vision and to mingle my art with their rationale is my objective. If I have been able to capture their gaze for any amount of time, I have accomplished the profound.”

Paul Kowalewski
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