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404 Not Found

404 Not Found

404 is a ubiquitous online code, signifying a dead end. Whether due to user error or just the internet’s endless reshuffling, the page you’re looking for just can’t be found. All that remains is the “orphaned” link. Poignant isn’t it?

In “404 Not Found”, the creators of Project Onward explore this online labyrinth in ways that are error-prone, imaginative, and very human. Some artists look at the net’s history (and prehistory) - outdated search engines, vintage viruses, PCs past, and even the massive mainframes of ENIAC, the world’s first digital computer. Others explore much more personal terrain. There are celebrations of the web’s benign promises (access to knowledge and a public voice) while other artists relate their experiences with its traps. Obsession, deception, and alienation— all are risks in the digital maze.

It sounds heavy— but do not fear! There are also many, many memes. This exhibition is here to redirect your servers and repair all your connectivity issues, so plug in!

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