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Garden Party

Project Onward is in full bloom! The studio is reopening, spring has arrived, and there’s a hopeful optimism in the air for this new beginning. Since everything seems to be coming up roses, our artists have created an abundant body of work that celebrates the lavish beauty of flowers, gardens, and all things botanical!

All art is available for purchase! Shop below:

"Kitchen Bouquet" by Luke Shemroske
"Vase of Flowers" by Luke Shemroske
"Flower Vase" by Luke Shemroske
FR_vase of flowers_9x120001
"Garden Girls" by Stephon Doby
"Flower Power" by Sheila Smith
"Pink Rose" by Alfred Banks
"White Rose" by Alfred Banks
"A Cat in a Lilac Dress with Flowers" by Ruby Bradford
"Cat-mille Monet on a Garden Bench" by Ruby Bradford
"Purple Flowers" by John Behnke
"Greenhouse Courtyard" by John Behnke
"Spring Motif" by John Behnke
"Flower Orbs" by John Behnke
"Poppies" by John Behnke
"Flower Patch" by John Behnke
"Garden Window" by Franklin Armstrong
"Bouquet" by Franklin Armstrong
"Garden Storytime" by Franklin Armstrong
"Gathering Flowers" by Franklin Armstrong
"Petunias" by Franklin Armstrong
"Flower" by Luke Shemroske
"Bouquet" by Alfred Banks
"Purple Daisy" by Alfred Banks
"White Lily" by Alfred Banks
"Flower Power Concert" by Louis DeMarco
"Red Rose" by Alfred Banks
"Dandelion" by Alfred Banks
"Michigan Avenue Tulips" by Janno Juguilon
"Flower Pot" by Janno Juguilon
"Happy Flowers" by Safiya Hameed
"Flowers in Vase" by Safiya Hameed
"Flowers in Vases" by Safiya Hameed
"Bed of Tulips" by RJ Juguilon
"Flower Composition" by RJ Juguilon
"Love Live Laugh" by Jackie Cousins
"Floral Fantasy" by Jackie Cousins
"Spring Feeling" by Jackie Cousins
"Pandemic Spring"
"Garden Flowers" by Adam Hines
"Types of Orchids" by Adam Hines
"Garden Party" by George Zuniga
"A Hopeful Time" by Jackie Cousins
"Afternoon in the Garden" by Jackie Cousins
"Rose Petal Place" by Molly McGrath
"Rock Flowers Band" by Molly McGrath
"Rock Flowers Friends" by Molly McGrath
"My Flower Garden" by Blake Lenoir
"Roses in Her Hair" by Brandon Jackson
"Laid to Rest" by Brandon Jackson
"Lily Ladies" by Bill Douglas
"Purple Flowers in a Vase" by Brandon Jackson
"Poppies" by Bill Douglas
"Sunflower Still Life" by James hall
"Flower Power Face" by James hall
"You Are Beautiful" by James hall
"Personal Flower Pond" by Cherylle Booker
"Flower Princess" by Michael Smith
"The Florist" by Michael Smith
"Floral Rose" by David Hence
"Gathering Flowers" by Matthew Bianchi
"Flower Composition" by Allen McNair
"Arrangement in a Brown Vase" by Allen McNair
"Tiger Lillies" by Allen McNair
"Arrangement in a Pink Vase" by Allen McNair
"Peace Lily" by Ryan Tepich
"Poppies" by Paul Kowalewski
"Parrot with Flowers" by Paul Kowalewski
"Floral Motif" by Paul Kowalewski
"Fractured Flowers" by Paul Kowalewski
"Ring Around the Daisies" by Jack Moore
"Ladies in the Rose Garden" by David Holt
"Flower Explosion" by Lucy Woodhouse
"Flowers in Soil" by Lucy Woodhouse
"Flower Story" by Dana Baker
"Flower Story" by Dana Baker
"Sunflower Field" by Dana Baker
"Pink Flower" by Coral Kappel
"Spring Landscape" by Jason Harris
"Flower Child" by David Hence
"Bride in Spring" by Stephon Doby
"Monarch" by Alfred Banks
"Illuminated Rose" by Alfred Banks
"Rose in the Light" by Alfred Banks
"Tulip" by Alfred Banks
"Yellow Rose" by Alfred Banks
"Flower Truck" by Ricky Willis
"Flower Truck" by Ricky Willis
"Lady's Bouquet" by Alfred Banks
"Rainbow Rose" by Alfred Banks
"Arrangement of Flowers" by Fernando Ramirez
"Butterflies in a Flower Field" by Blake Lenoir
"Abandoned Garden" by John Behnke
"Roses in a Vase" by Michael Hopkins

There's more to see

Project Onward believes we can inspire change by using art to promote empathy and reduce the stigma of mental illness and developmental disabilities. We seek to improve the self-image of artists by emphasizing the social and economic value of their work.


You can directly contribute to this belief and help improve the lives of each Project Onward artist by purchasing their work. Our online shop is open 24/7, and half of the sale for each original piece goes directly to the artist.

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