R.J. Juguilon

R.J. Juguilon was born on the Northwest side of Chicago on December 8, 1988. A consummate Chicagoan, R.J’s work venerates the city’s modernist skyline and legendary sports culture.


Utilizing fine graphite pencils, pens, and ruler to meticulously render hundreds of constructed lines, R.J.’s architectural drawings exhibit an impressively thorough consideration of structural minutia. The artist notes, “I really enjoy balance and straight lines. Detail is very important.” Though frequently cerebral, R.J.’s architectural work still aptly expresses the earnest, playful energy of the Windy City.


R.J. also enjoys drawing Chicago’s eminent stadiums and celebrity athletes, depicting this sports iconography with loftiness on par with his architectural works. “I love seeing how athletes improve and work to the playoffs. I like watching them be strong.”


R.J. joined Project Onward in July 2014, followed soon after by his brother, Janno.

RJ_ Albert Sullivan Home
RJ_Wrigley Field
RJ_Thompson Center

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