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Adam Hines

Pencil and Ink Drawing

Adam Hines (b. 1985) is a founding member of Project Onward. A prolific artist who has over 10,000 individual pieces. Hines depicts in color pencil and marker what he has coined “The World Tour” – an extensive listing of places, people, animals and “global phenomena.” His artwork also literally serves as a road map by including directions to his featured sites via road, air and public transit. Another of Hines’ popular series catalogs his vast internal databank of famous people, grouping them in large-scale drawings according to category – in a grid of guilelessly rendered figures with their names and titles.


Hines is also the soulful lead singer of the rock band, Lightning Speed, along with fellow artist Louis DeMarco, practicing the same open-hearted confidence on stage as he applies to his art making. “I want to grab colored pencils and markers to start drawing whatever I want and make it into a masterpiece. Art making takes a lot of courage.” Hines lives currently in Chicago’s Westside neighborhood.


Hines has done a number of commissions for the Obama Foundation. Adam’s artwork also appears in the documentary, Uncle Fun: You’re the One.

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