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A Heartbreaking Loss: Beloved Friend & Studio Manager of Project Onward

A message from our Executive Director, Nancy Gomez:

Whitney Oliver, our beloved friend, studio manager, and integral member of the Project Onward family along with her unborn son Felix, have passed away suddenly. I know that I speak for our staff, board members, volunteers, and interns, when I say that our hearts are broken over this tragic news.⁠

Whitney began volunteering at Project Onward in 2016 and quickly rose to the manager’s position. She loved her job working closely with our artists and had a unique knack for inspiring them to create extraordinary art. She was kind, patient, compassionate, opinionated, and stubborn as hell when she believed in something and fought like a mama bear for her artists. She loved having karaoke parties and really, really wanted to have a baby. She loved dessert and relished every last crumb. She cracked us up with her mimicry. We called her Whit and Whinnie.⁠

There’s so much more to tell you about her - and we will. Our hearts go out to her husband and fellow Project Onward friend and volunteer Alex, her mother Jan, father Blaine and her three brothers. Funeral and memorial arrangements will be forthcoming - you'll be hearing more from us soon.

With Deepest Sympathy,


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