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Project Onward: Celebrating Diversity Through Inclusive Arts

Updated: Jun 13

At Project Onward in Bridgeport, art knows no boundaries. This vibrant creative space provides studio facilities, materials, and an embracing community for artists with developmental disabilities and mental illness.

In this insightful video, Executive Director Nancy Gomez welcomes Tekki Lomnicki of Tellin’ Tales Theatre to experience Project Onward's commitment to accessibility and inclusion. From the welcoming entrance with ramp access to the warm reception inside, the center strives to accommodate artists and patrons of all abilities.

Ms. Gomez highlights the family atmosphere, where artists with developmental disabilities and mental illness produce incredible works. The artwork crafted here holds its own against any gallery, shattering preconceptions about what artists with disabilities can achieve.

Lomnicki, who uses a wheelchair, appreciated the wide accessibility throughout the building's studios and exhibition spaces. But what struck her most was the empowering vision behind Project Onward.

"It is a wonderful artistic place. Please will have an experience like you've never had before," Lomnicki shares.

Indeed, Project Onward doesn't just accommodate disabilities—it celebrates the boundless creativity and humanity within every artist. With ASL services, audio descriptions, adjustable lighting, and more, the center ensures its doors are open for all to immerse themselves in the transformative power of art.

Watch the video to witness how Project Onward is reshaping the art world's perception of what's possible when opportunity and passion meet. Then, come experience this thriving artistic community for yourself.

Provided by: Strategy For Access Foundation

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